‘Be moderates and desist from extremist beliefs—School VP tells young people


By Tabora Bojang

The vice Principal of Kotu Senior Secondary School Sheikh Tijan Cham has called on young Muslims to desist from religious extremism and embrace moderateness.
He said extremists are no friends of the religion and have no understanding of its true teachings.
The Kotu VP was addressing an opening ceremony of a 7-day spiritual retreat for over 100 young participants, organised by the Federation of Gambia Muslim Students Organisation, FEGAMSO, under the theme Youth Empowerment Through Education.

Since 2014, trend of Gambians joining the so-called Islamist groups like ISIL continues unabated, and sparked fears into the minds of Gambians.
A former Nusrat student Dawda Jallow, was reported to have joined the extremist group, including at least two other Gambians.


And principal Cham said moderateness is the fundamental landmark of the Islamic religion, which deals with piety, ethics and moderation in belief and worship.
“Youths of this country, do not be excessive; do not be extremists in the religion.  Islam is a religion of moderateness. Be moderates in belief, worship, legislation and the implementation of good conduct,” Cham also an Outass, advised.

He said those engaged in “occult ideologies”, which are contrary to the Islamic teachings, have “faulted” in truly understanding the right teachings of the holy book and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.
“Where ever you find a group of people or a sect advocating for extremism in Islam, do not be surprised, know that they do not understand the Holy Quran and the teachings of the prophet.”
The president of FEGAMSO, Famara Chatty, said it is an undisputed fact that education is the most effective tool for empowering youth to “amicably” shoulder their responsibilities in nation and peace building.