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Joe Sambou and Co. missed the point

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Don’t Joe Sabou and Co. know that it’s a crime, and criminal to not only engage in politics, or engage politicians politically on a political “front” without an iota of basic political experience or knowledge from either through education or personal practical engagements and interactions?

Mr Dr Professor or tycoon Joe Sambou,

you got it all wrong from the word go, with your approach of wanting to engage, according to you “Gambians in both home and abroad to build an opposition coalition against Barrow in 2026” and already out of your prejudicial ignorance of Lawyer Darbo ‘himself’, you marginalised him and already categorised him in your files of negation.

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You’ve failed to realise that if you unjustifiably brush Darbo aside, you’ve pushed the UDP away, and unfortunately that’s a recipe for a non-starter for any formidable opposition coalition to be reached.

Mr. Dr. Professor or tycoon Joe Sambou and Co. I don’t know how much I can come down to your level to let you understand that, this doesn’t necessarily mean to say that Darboe is solely in total control of UDP, but to let you know that UDP and Darboe are morally married in principles of dignity and integrity which are  binded in respect, confidence, trust and faith.

Joe the footballer cum business tycoon and probably a want-to-be political pundit, may I humbly announce to you that the above are few indicators that made Darboe to be UDP, and UDP to be Darboe despite the party’s strong belief and advocacy of democracy and internal democracy.

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Am offering you all these for free, because of my verse knowledge and experience in the Gambia’s political party coalition building processes.

Don’t you know that the objectives of coalition 2016 is derived from that of the already concept of coalition 2006(NADD), in which I hon Pa Manneh as the then national youth president of the opposition National Democratic Action Movement (NDAM), happens to be the only executive member of NADD who sits at the technical committee over the two years period.

Halifa Sallah, being the coordinator then, also sits in both committees.

Somebody may say, “what the hell do UDP think they are”?

Yes it’s because the UDP have worked and struggled through thick and thin, come rain and sunshine in the most reasonably possible manner in the roughest and toughest political climate and terrain, to become a force to be reckoned-with.

And mark you, UDP is not an isolated foreign creature.

It’s an institute of majority diverse nationals with all potentialities.

Do you know that?

Do they know that?

Let’s move on,

The journey just commenced.

Pa Manneh


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