Beware of propaganda crusade against World Cup 2022 host Qatar


The world is aware of the West’s stinking double standards, including the fact that they are all gay – in UK especially, and America – see stories about the attack on Pelosi’s husband. Indeed, you listen to their barefaced agenda-pushing media, foremost among them the BBC, and always be stunned by their toxic hypocrisy. To hear them say how it was a “mistake” to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar exposes how they own and manage these institutions – the charade that they are membership clubs run on democratic lines etc., yet all they do is to use them to promote their Satanic values and practices such as the LGBT idea as evident in this manufactured propaganda crusade against Qatar. In fact, and left to me, this is why all sovereign nations must now take their stand and be prepared to stay away from organizations like FIFA, IOC etc and to consider setting up alternative world games. After all they do you no favor when selected to host these world games since the host nations have to invest billions to stage them, whilst the greedy capitalists benefit the most from them. Another aspect of this matter is the fact that whenever they bring up the LGBT agenda and talk of Anti-Semitism always be reminded of the rampant racism and discrimination, as well as the daily murder of blacks, Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims in the West or by the West using its military or economic tools to do so. Also never forget their crimes against Asians in Japan, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. In short, let us remind the West that its hegemony makes it the chief violator of human and people’s rights in today’s world!

Nfamara Alieu Sagna

US Embassy’s plans to build and move into a new building in Bijilo


It’s going to be “a state-of-the-art” embassy – a euphemism for a building which can have the latest gadgets to enable the American embassy spy on everybody and everything in this country and even beyond in neighboring Senegal and Guinea Bissau, including collaborating with their British minions to – like has been reported, they do to leaders elsewhere – listen to phone calls of President Adama Barrow, communications of the Chinese embassy in Banjul etc. As regards the strategic location of Gambia, remember Banjul international airport was fitted to be used as an emergency landing site for NASA’s space shuttle.

This new embassy building (and premises – 10 hectares?) would provide “the workspace they require to expand initiatives…” Well, understand this in the context of US unfolding military strategy at a time when it is expanding its military bases, through its Africa Command, in its geopolitical scheming to contain China and Russia, and maintain the dominance of the dollar – which by the way is the main cause of all the economic woes Africans and others are now facing!

Nfamara Alieu Sagnia