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Brikama South NAM vows to keep promises

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By Juldeh Njie

The newly-elected National Assembly Member for Brikama South Constituency, Lamin J Sanneh has vowed to fulfill promises made during campaigns leading up to the April polls victory.
He said promises of a better health delivery services, of structural developments and the organising of constant meetings to sensitise the electorates in order to make informed choices during elections, will be fulfilled.
“My main promise was in the health care delivery sector, which is very key, because nothing is possible if the community is not healthy,” the new parliamentarian said.

He added: “If you look at Brikama, it is one of the biggest towns in the Gambia, but its health centre cannot even meet the demands of the people. Therefore, I will ensure that we have a better health delivery services,” he told The Standard immediately after his triumph.
Honorable Sanneh said the building of a fully equipped hospital through philanthropists and NGOs, is among his top priorities well before vying for the hot seat.

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However, he said that dream seemed to have eluded him after the plot he was hoping to construct on got claimed by the former leader Yahya Jammeh.
“But now that we have a new government, I will renew my commitment and hopefully, I would be able to fulfill the dream I have for my country over the years,” he said.

He also talked about voter education, saying is a global problem as most electorates are politically ignorant, making it easy for dictatorship governments to exist.
“After going through 22 years of total oppression, imprisonment and even killing, we should ensure we don’t support such governments again,” the law-maker warned.

He seized the opportunity to give ‘special thanks’ to his supporters, “for maintaining the peace throughout.”
The National Assembly over the years has been described as a rubberstamp parliament, but Sanneh hopes that will soon change, saying he envisages a parliament that will be guided by national interest, with integrity and responsibility to work for the betterment of the nation.

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“We succeeded a government that has a lot of impact on the lives of the Gambians so the other part of us is to go back to that parliament to make sure that we filter all obnoxious laws. We are going to change all the laws that are tailor-made, defending individuals against the masses to bring in laws that will bring equal representation and review the entire constitution.”

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