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Bundung NAM calls for unity

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By Amadou M Jadama

The Honorable Bakary Njie, National Assembly Member for BundungKa Kunda Constituency, has called on women in his Yai Compin to open up to those who want to join the United Democratic Party and foster unity
He warned them to refrain from acts that are capable of disrupting the prevailing peace and unity among them.

The Honorable Njie was speaking over the weekend while presiding over the inauguration of Ramou Ceesay as the leader of the Bundung Wasulung Yai Comp in, at a ceremony held at Bundung in the Kanifing Municipality.

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“The Gambia is one family, one nation, one people and we should always endeavor to promote the already existing peace, unity, stability, and oneness at all times. I am calling on all the Yai Compins in my Constituency to continue to remain united and promote peace and stability of our country,” he said.

He said the preservation of the their Yai Compins , UDP and the country is the duty of all, adding that leadership is all about steering the affairs of the people who have mandated the mantle of trust on you.
He said: “This program was initiated by myself, Yai Compins, chairmen and the youth. We realized that many people within Bundung Ka Kunda Constituency are now joining us and we feel that it is important we recognize them.

“During my campaign throughout Bundung-Ka Kunda Constituency had only 21 Yai Compins. Since I won the election up to date Yai Compins have been increasing. Right now the total number of Yai Compins we have is 52 in Bundung including the one we are inaugurating today.

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“We feel that they are part of us so it is important we inaugurate them to show the world that these are people who recognize our development activities in Bundung and within the KMC as well.”
According to the Hon Njie, plans are in the pipeline to certify all the Yai Compins in his Constituency and also to organize awareness workshops for them.

“I am calling on my Yai Compins to open up to those who want to join our groups and our party should welcome them because UDP is here for everybody, and they should desist from those remarks that can discourage people which is not the agenda of our party,” he urged.

Ramou Ceesay in her inaugural speech vowed to do her best that moving the Constituency forward while thanking the Hon Bakary Njie and the women for trust and confidence.
Mustapha Touray, aspiring mayor for KMC funded all the activities. He too advised the women to remain united.

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