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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Bundung women greet Barrow with empty buckets decrying water shortage


A few days after staging a protest about the acute lack of water in their area, the women of Bundung on Monday bumped on a perfect opportunity to put their message across when an unsuspecting President Barrow drove into their path on his way to inaugurate a new police station.

The women sprang into action, and clutching their empty buckets they shouted, ”we need water, “we have no water”, as the president’s motorcade passed them.

The president who definitely heard and saw the women, passed them without incident. “We were very lucky that we have directly told our problem to the president,” one of the women said. She said the water situation in Bundung is very serious and one only has to experience it to know how hard it is to live that kind of life. She said the situation is now an emergency needing urgent action to prevent disaster.

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