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Caliph Hydara denies getting word on presidential injunction

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Sheikh Sheriff Muhideen Hydara said neither the Alkalo (his co-defendant) nor the messenger of the chief of Foni Bondali district gave him word about the state-sanctioned injunction.  

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Under cross examination by police prosecutor, Chief Inspector Camara, Caliph Hydara said: “I was not aware of any message delivered by the badge messenger of the chief to the village and I was not told about any message by any-one. Neither the late Imam nor the Alkalo informed me about any message pertaining to the observance of the past Koriteh prayer.”

He further urged the court to ask his co-defendant, Buyeh Touray on whether he had relayed any message to him regarding the observance of the said feast.

“The Alkalo himself is here in court. Ask him whether he informed me. He did not deliver any message to me,” Caliph Hydara added after the prosecutor insisted that the message was relayed to him.

Hydara who is the head of the ‘Sheriffs’ in The Gambia and Senegal however acknowledged the fact that he led the people of the village in prayer due to the ill health of the Imam of the village.

The octogenarian also told Magistrate Omar Cham that the day they observed Eidul-fitr was based on what the Almighty Allah and Prophet Muhammad {PBUH} have said.

Prosecutors charged that Caliph Hydara and Buyeh Touray have conspired and disobeyed lawful order for not observing last year’s Koriteh prayer on the day sanctioned by the state. They have since denied any culpability. 

Hearing resumes April 16.


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