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Charity gives D400K to ex-State House imam to start online TV


The Abubakary Jawara Foundation has donated D400,000 to former State House Imam Abdullah Fatty.
The donation came following a request made by Imam Fatty seeking support to develop an electronic television channel project. Imam Fatty said the project will promote Islamic education and advocacy and spread awareness of Islamic values.
“The project will also facilitate the call for unity and tolerance among people of different faiths and ultimately maintain peace, security, and stability in The Gambia,” Imam Fatty said.
He said Abubakary Jawara was chosen for this request due to his reputation for magnanimity and generosity.
Imam Fatty said the importance of Sunni scholars and preachers in the maintenance of peace and stability cannot be overemphasised. He said the project will make their work easier and more effective.
“The programmes of the electronic television channel will focus on religious, intellectual, and social education within the community, providing appropriate methods and solutions to address the various issues faced by society,” he said.
For his part, Abubakary Jawara said the donation is part of his foundation’s contribution to the community.
“I find pleasure in giving with the limited resources I have,” he said. He said issues of Islam, especially when it comes to promoting social cohesion, should be everyone’s business.

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