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Chief of Staff speaks on alleged blacklisting of media from gov’t adverts

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By Tabora Bojang

The Chief of Staff at State House, Mod K Ceesay, has denied that he had sent a text relaying a cabinet directive warning State-Owned Enterprises not to advertise with Kerr Fatou or other media outlets. This allegation was made by the CEO of Kerr Fatou, Fatou Touray on Home Digital Radio on Monday.

In his reaction to The Standard yesterday, Ceesay said: “I am aware of the submission made by Madam Fatou on Membekering that cabinet ordered me, which order I carried through text which mentioned something like Kerr Fatou is the lion that seeks to swallow the Barrow government and that SOEs should not patronise her media. I am not aware of any such orders. Besides, cabinet by nature does not issue directives to the Chief of staff but through the Cabinet Secretary. I am not saying it has not happened as I am not always in cabinet but I am not aware of any such directive”.

Further asked if he knows about a similar directive against other media outlets, Mr Ceesay maintained that he is not aware of any such.

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