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By Musa Bah

It was with pleasure that I read that you are planning to engage the public more next week. Indeed this is very important. We live in a complex world where information can change rapidly. It is also a time that there are too many possibilities of disseminating information. It is therefore important that the Gambian people [who voted you into office] have that rapport with you.

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Gambians wish to feel your presence. We wish to feel your omnipresence and know what you are doing at all times. We need to hear you speak and outline your plans and tell us where you are leading us. We also need you to speak to us about particular issues which are of interest to all.

There are times when sending a representative to speak on your behalf is the wise thing to do, but there are other times when only you can – should – address the public.


When there is that rapport and understanding betwee the general public and the executive, it makes it that much easy to lead the peope. If there is an information gap, no matter how small, the enemies of the Gambia can use it to bring chaos and destroy our country.


As you have demonstrated that you are a democrat who promotes the freedom of expression and that of the press, I hail you and those working in the media department at Statehouse for the initiative of the press briefing. This is the right thing to do.

However, in a statement you made last week you said ‘journalist should be careful not to commit sedition because there is a clear line between press freedom and sedition’.The statement you referred to was not seditious at all.


Mr President, this is not the kind of language expected from a democrat. Once you commit to being a democrat, demal be jeex rek.

I hail you for the open and freedom of expression so far. We hope that all the bad media laws will be repealed as soon as possible. Forward with the Gambia.

Have a good day Mr President.

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