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Congratulation for your appointment as new Standard MD

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Please allow me space to congratulate on behalf of the board of directors and the entire general body of the Serahuleh Youth Development Organisation Mr Lamin Fatty as the new managing director of The Standard newspaper. The Serahuleh Youth Development Organisation as one of the youth organisations in the country is glad to have been associated with you for the past years. We were filled with joy when we heard news of your appointment to serve as managing director of one of the country’s most trusted newspapers. You have always shown great interest and commitment in the advancement of the Serahuleh Youth Development Organisation by incorporating it into your operational programmes. This has helped in increasing our awareness level as young people. The organisation would like to continue working with you in that same spirit in the new assignment. Once again, the organisation is wishing you long life, peace of mind and good health in the execution of your duties. 

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Essa Conteh,



Politics without bitterness is what is needed


Dear editor,


Going by the level of views and counter views from both sides of the political divide that we read in the newspapers every day, there is no gainsaying the fact that our politicians want to score more political points. But, it is only by playing politics that is devoid of bitterness that we can achieve quatum developmental leaps that will serve the interests of the larger populace. It is true however, that what we have witnessed in the past years within the country’s political space can serve as a stepping stone for politics to be played out in an even more mature way. 

We have seen part of that development and it is indeed important to make reference to some of the views and counter views of our politicians. In as many weeks, nominated National Assembly Member Seedy Njie of the ruling-APRC party has always played the role of a passionate and loyal supporter is seen defending government while warding off any criticism that emanates from the opposition.  For example, he has been at his best tackling opposition-PPP leader Omar Jallow who in recent times criticised the country’s healthcare system, the FAO fighting hunger award to The Gambia and government’s stance on gay rights. The two have since then been locked in a rigorous political battle. 

However, if politics is anything to go by, then it should portray a degree of responsibility on the part of our politicians. There is nothing wrong with politics but it should be done in a condition free from bitterness towards each other.  As vocal and explicit as is a politician, it will be difficult for political watchers to take him seriously except he makes appropriate clarifications free from bitterness towards his opponent. Notwithstanding our divergent views, let us all continue to eschew pronouncements that are capable of exposing us to ridicule before the global community.


Dawda Camara,



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