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Crowned Cosmetics launched

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By Aminata Ceesay Crowned Cosmetics, an initiative of one Marie Ndow, a Gambian lady based in the United Kingdom has been launched in the country. According to Marie, 24, she decided to come to the Gambia and launch her Brand named Crowned Cosmetics, for the first time successfully at a local hotel in Kotu. Speaking with one of Marie’s colleagues, Lilian Aziz said: “Today we are launching crowned cosmetics owned by Marie Ndow a Gambian. It will be an online store on the website, we are working by the website, she is base in the UK but she had to launch it home here so that she can also have some outlets to distribute her products”. She added: “The ladies out there who love cosmetics, should definitely try crowned cosmetics because is our own Gambian brand then we have to support it as much as possible the Gambian Brands. There is a lot of people that we seeing buying all this international brands that are coming from Europe but now we have seen many Gambians taking up the challenge to do recurrence which has the same value and quality as those that are international brands”. Speaking earlier, Ms Haddy Faye, colleague to Marie, said: “Marie is a strong lady, you can imagine how strong she is as a young lady to be able to basically launch her own brand, have her own cosmetics line, because we know how much work is required, how much time and money is involved in it, so she is really strong at her age. I have been into business and I know how difficult it is, how challenging and sometimes not only the challenges but there is a lot of stuff that comes with it, so I think she is just dynamic and amazing woman.” For her part, Marie Ndow, Chief Executive Officer of Crowned Cosmetics said: “Crowned cosmetics are an organ beauty line, affordable and very cheap, the cosmetics are made in mineral and it is good and healthy for the skin. I knew I can do it, so I go in for it”. According to her, her daughter was the very one who motivated her and as such when she had a child it was a great source of inspiration for her. “It was hard but I made it. In life if you want to be anything, go in for it and the success will follow,” she said.]]>

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