Cyprus sends Independence greetings to Gambia

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By Omar Bah

Thessalia Salina Shambos, Ambassador at the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Director covering Middle East, Gulf and Africa, has sent a special congratulatory message to the Gambia on its 58th Independence anniversary celebrations.

Ambassador Shambos was in Banjul recently on a diplomatic mission to extend her country’s desire to closely work with The Gambia. During her stay, she attended the EU-Gambia political dialogue attended by almost all Gambian ministers and as well engaged with several Gambian ministers. She was sent to The Gambia as a special envoy for the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as to attend the EU-Gambia high level political dialogue that was chaired by Foreign Minister Mamadou Tangara.


In a write-up shared with The Standard, Ambassador Thessalia Salina said: “Extending warmest congratulations to The Gambia Government and the people of The Gambia on the 58th Independence Anniversary. I am honoured to reaffirm our joint commitment in developing bilateral cooperation based on shared interests and principles of international law.”