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Darboe exhorts ministers to protect image of the President, government

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By Amadou Jadama

Ousainou Darboe, the leader of the United Democratic Party, who doubles as the Minister of Foreign Affairs has called on his colleagues in cabinet and others working in President Barrow’s administration to refrain from making any utterance or acting in any way that could tarnish the image of the president and the government.
“If we fail to do that, the blame for any bad image will affect all of us,” he warned.
Mr Darboe gave this advice Saturday when he addressed a large gathering of well-wishers in Sukuta celebrating the appointment of Mr Yusupha Cham as political adviser to the president.

Mr Darboe said all those appointed to cabinet and other government offices have earned President Barrow’s respect and trust and they “should therefore be mindful not to do anything in breach of that trust”.
Mr Darboe described Mr Cham’s appointment as “very well-deserved” and told him that the remit of his role as political adviser transcends UDP political matters and has to do with all national political matters. ”You must at all times strive to pursue the agenda of peace and stability in the political sphere of the entire country,” Darboe urged Cham.

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He thanked the people of Kombo North and said ”the people of Kombo have always been in the forefront of the formation of all governments from Independence to Jawara, to Jammeh and to Barrow”
Mr Darboe also underscored that current government is not a UDP government per se, but a coalition government. “We [the UDP may have] the majority but each party has equal rights; we have all contributed to The Gambia of today,” he said.

Mr Darboe also told the crowd that all the tribes in the county are equal and that The Gambia should be defined by patriotism not by tribalism.
“Everyone has equal rights and privileges regardless of tribe or origin,” he said
The veteran lawyer-turned-diplomat also used the occasion to call on Gambians especially those in the APRC, GDC and others to join the UDP and work for the development of the country, adding that the UDP’s doors are open to everybody.

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