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Dou Sanno calls for decent political discourse

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By Omar Bah

The deputy campaign manager of the ruling National Peoples Party has called for decency in the country’s political discourse.

Dou Sanno, who is also the presidential adviser on political matters, said he is concerned about the hatred and character assassination peddled by politicians against their opponents.

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He said the country’s politicians should change the dynamics of their politics.

“We should understand that we are all the same and this country belongs to all of us. We should cherish diversity and build a strong mutual understanding,” he said. Sanno said politics should be seen as a noble adventure that should serve a good purpose. “The manner in which we do our politics in this country is unacceptable and unbearable,” he said.

UDP 27th anniversary

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Commenting on the 27th anniversary speech of the UDP leader, Sanno said Ousainu Darboe had left out many more heroes of the party in his tribute.

He said Darboe failed to name Alhagie Baba Touray, Christian Avis, Saul Coker, Kunda Kamara, Boutey Boye Jafuneh, Alh Suntou Darboe, Alh Karamo Fatty, Alh Ebou Ndow among others.

He said the former vice president unnecessarily spent most of his time attacking the government in his speech.

“That day is purely meant for people like the ones I mentioned and others who put their souls on the line to rescue the country from the clutches of dictatorship,” Sanno said.

He said the UDP should stop criticising the government and focus on providing solutions.

“I urge Ousainu Darboe to focus on building the UDP and stop focusing on attacking the government,” he said. He described as ridiculous Darboe’s claims that the country is spending D150,000 to feed the president.

He said no genuine Gambian will help anybody to destroy this country.

Tombong Saidy, UDP head of communications, said it is unreasonable for anybody to blame Mr Darboe for not listing a whole lot of people from across the country.  Tombong added that Dou Sanno’s comments have no relevance and do not even merit a response.

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