Economic security


 By Musa Bah

I have received several reports of people being caught with fake notes, particularly the two dalasi note. This is not a good thing and should be investigated immediately.
Fake currency has the ability to destroy our economy or harm it in a profound way – and that is the last thing we want at this point in our development, or the lack thereof. I think the Central Bank/Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior should work swiftly to nip this problem in the bud.
In so doing, they should investigate the root of this menace and snuff it once and for all; and not focus on the individuals who may be caught with the fake currency here and there. The problem with them is that most people may not be in a position to differentiate between a genuine note and a fake one. So, arresting and prosecuting them may not do much good in the long run.



I think that the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, or perhaps through the Central Bank, should come up with a way to educate the public on how to identify fake currency notes. For instance, if I were given a fake two hundred dalasi bill, I may not be able to know what to look for in order to ascertain whether it is genuine or fake.
So, Mr President, I’m calling on you to instruct the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs to come out and educate the general public on this very crucial issue. There are bad elements who will capitalize on any form of leniency to make a quick buck, or dalasi in our case.


Mr President, the other issue is sensitizing the citizenry to display patriotism and be good servants of the nation. All the reports I have received so far, are of people who saw someone with fake currency notes and allowed the person to go away only to keep talking about it when the person concerned is already gone.
Gambians should show love of country by stopping evil wherever they see it. On this and many other examples, Gambians will only talk about it later when it is alreary too late. For instance, a good citizen sees another person litter our streets, he has the moral duty to insist that the individual picks up his or her litter. If he or she refuses, then the case should be reported to the nearest police station.


Similarly, if a person sees another one with fake currency notes, he/should stop the person and report the case to the nearest police station or any security outpost.
Together we can build a better Gambia.
Have a good day Mr President.