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Ecowas army chiefs meet over situation in Niger


Yesterday, Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa, led a meeting of Chiefs of Defence Staff from Ecowas countries in Abuja, discussing the political situation in Niger.

All the Ecowas countries were represented except Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali, and Guinea Bissau, a development indicating the countries’ opposition to Ecowas’ stance on Niger.

The Committee of Defence Chiefs deliberated on the political crisis and discussed a resolution within the 7-day ultimatum issued by the Ecowas leadership on Sunday.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Christopher Musa, said the military chiefs of the regional bloc were committed to the restoration of democratic rule in Niger Republic irrespective of the challenge ahead.

“The events that transpired in one of our countries on 26 July 2023 has reverberated across our borders, affecting us all. The recent coup d’état in the Republic of Niger is one event that calls for our collective attention and a united response. We must face the challenges of restoring democratic governance in Niger head-on, drawing on our shared experiences, wisdom, and collective resolve. Our decisions will have far-reaching implications for the Ecowas region”, he said. Musa stated that “the strength of Ecowas lies in unity, shared values, and commitment to democracy, peace, and prosperity. In this regard, we are tasked with a mission to restore democracy in the Republic of Niger and preserve germane humanitarian principles across the region. Our decisions will inevitably shape the lives of millions of people around the sub-continent”.


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