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Is Yahya Jammeh still controlling the narrative?

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Since 1 December 2016 that we defenestrated Yahya Jammeh, he has overshadowed everything we do, as it were. No discussion is complete without his name being mentioned. We have set up a commission of inquiry into his activities and reports about him always find a way in the national discourse.

Recently, some audios of him supposedly having a discussion with some of his lieutenants in the country were leaked to the media and there seems to be a frenzy about him once again. It is like a buzz, everyone is talking about him almost all the time.

This has become a distraction which we cannot afford as we have a nation to rebuild. So, instead of wasting our precious time discussing what he may or may not have done – or may or may not be planning – we will be better served to focus on our almost broken economy and damaged civil service sector.

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True, we have to investigate – and prosecute if necessary – but we needn’t spend every waking moment talking about him. The people still loyal to him and are still in our midst will succeed if we succumb to talking about their leader all the time. It is high time we forgot about him and focused on building the nation.

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