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A private conversation between former President Yahya Jammeh and his APRC executive members got leaked and has been making rounds on the Internet.
But while most Gambians have already heard the conversations, no one still knows how it was leaked. Many theories have it that it was deliberately leaked by the APRC bigwigs themselves to show that they and not their rival camp in the party are the ones trusted by Jammeh. However other theories said the conversation could have been recorded by the APRC bigwigs but they will not intentionally leak it given its private nature.

Last night The Standard called interim leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta who was one of the men in the audio. His phone was constantly answered by his wife who said Mr Jatta was on another line for much of the day. Another official Yankuba Colley could not be reached on the phone as his phone was off.
The party deputy leader Ousman Rambo Jatta said he was not in position to comment on the matter as his party was meeting over the matter.

In the WhatsApp conference call, Jammeh spoke about a range of issues that beset the former ruling party.
One of the things he spoke about that sent shockwaves throughout The Gambia is his rumoured comeback pedaled by mainly APRC militants.
“By Allah, everything I promised to Gambians will happen.
When it is time for me to come back [to The Gambia], no one can do anything about it. No human or jinn can stop it from happening.

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“I am working on something and by the grace of Allah, it will be good,” Jammeh said.
Jammeh said he refused to respond to allegations that emanate from The Gambia because, according to him, if he speaks the whole world will shun the new government.

“I haven’t done what I am supposed to do yet. All that they are saying if I were someone else, I will talk and the whole world will turn against them but I am not supposed to talk so I will not talk. That is why I only talk to you people [APRC executives],” he added. “Nobody will betray me and then live in happiness forever,” Jammeh said in the audio.
The former President was also heard advising his part officials to avoid engaging in arguments with one another.

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