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Ex-journalist to register political party

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By Omar Bah

Ousman Jallow, a former news presenter at King FM, has started forming a political party he calls Gambia People’s Liberation Party (GPLP).

Jallow submitted his application letter to the Independent Electoral Commission on April 18, seeking to register the party.

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A native of Sohm village, Kombo East District, WCR, Jallow is a graduate of GTMI.

He has previously worked for Teranga FM and served as an election analyst and observer in The Gambia and Senegal.

Jallow, who announced that his party, if registered, will contest the 2026 presidential election, said the country is at a crossroads and intervention is needed now before it is too late.

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“The 2026 election will be like 2016. It is a crossroads moment that needs a special effort by all Gambians for something deeper than just party politics. It requires a shared vision, and an inclusive culture that seeks to unite Gambians around real patriotism,” he said.

 Mr Jallow explained that The Gambia’s population is very young and its future is being destroyed by older people who think young minds and talent don’t belong to politics. “My mission is an opportunity for young Gambians to lead and build the future they deserve,” he said.

He said his group has identified four priorities in order to turn the country around, namely: political and electoral reforms to return democracy to the people, build a capable state and an economy that creates jobs and opportunities for everyone, and root out corruption.

“We have become a society ruled by politicians, guided by laws we ignore, and anchored by nothing with no clear values or direction. We are politically led by people who lack seriousness, depth, and respect for the people,” he added.

Jallow said the country’s biggest opposition groups have sadly reached a dead end, both electorally and politically.

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