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Efforts at combating coronavirus

In the latest announcement from the government of The Gambia, it has been revealed that millions of dalasis have been put aside to assist Gambian students studying abroad. The move comes as the pandemic has shut down almost everything in the country and indeed around the world.

Many governments are taking different actions to support their citizens during these trying times of corona virus. The need has arisen as the only way known to man to fight this virus is through prevention as it has neither cure nor vaccine.

The measures taken by most governments, including the government of The Gambia, have been a total or partial lockdown in order to minimize the spread of the disease. It is for this reason that thousands of jobs have been lost and many more people lost their livelihoods and source of income.

Last week, the government of Adama Barrow announced a food aid package worth over seven hundred million dalasis which is estimated to be able to assist about earthy four percent of the population in terms of food and other consumables. It has been revealed that the distribution of such aid has already begun and is expected to be nationwide.

Along with the aid package also some support for Gambian students abroad has been announced and is welcomed by the beneficiaries. The government also announced a reduction on the pump prices for petrol diesel and kerosene. This, they said, is part of the efforts to help the citizens.

On the last one however, many citizens have raised concerns that the real reason for this is that the cost of oil has gone down in the world market and that is the reason for the drop in pump prices.

Whatever the case, if it trickles down to the ordinary (wo)man so s/he can save some dalasis then it is welcome.

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