EFSTH medical director appeals for greater help to end deficiencies


Dr Al-Jafari made this revelation to journalists as he accompanied the first lady on a tour of the gynaecology and obstetrics departments at EFSTH. He said:

 “This is the biggest challenge and the biggest problem for us-the medication and consumables. You know when you have any achievement, when you do any renovation to any department and you don’t have medication, it is a big problem and very expensive [medication]. So really, really I want the ministry of health to help me [with] medication and consumables. And I promised his Excellency, the first lady I would do my best to have more achievement [s] when I get these consumables and medication because really it is a big problem and big challenge. Nobody can imagine hospitals without medication, especially life-saving medication. This is number one for me-[my priority], to have these medication to save the patients’ lives.”

The Syrian-born radiologist and consultant, who assumed the hospital’s top job in September 2013 added: 


 “So when the ministry provides me with all kind [s] of medication and consumables I promise everybody that inshallah, every month, every two months we have new achievement and new good issues.

Meanwhile, Jafari disclosed that they have a project in the hospital which will be named after the First Lady.

 “This project has two stage s. The first one finished today and we have another one after two months inshallah. The first is to finish the care of the mothers and post-natal, ante-natal, maternity and the labor. The next stage after two months we are going to finish the renovation for the neo-natal and pediatric wards,” he explained.

Dr Jafari lauded the magnanimous gestiure of the First Lady and ‘Operation Save the Children’, while pledging to “work day by day” to promote the health of Gambians.