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Equal treatment of citizens

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Dear Mr President,

The Gambia is a secular country, and the Constitution guarantees freedom of worship and assembly to everyone. According to the Constitution, the state does not, and cannot, regulate what religion someone belongs to. Everyone has a right to belong to the religion of your choice.

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It is beyond the scope of man to decide to validity or otherwise of a person. That is why no government should ever try to define what is a true religion or what is not. The truth is most of Islam can be practised without state legislation. So, the government simply has to fulfil its duty of creating an enabling and conducive environment where everyone shall have the right to worship as he sees fit.

In the past, Gambians of different religious leanings have lived together side by side without any friction. Christians and Muslims interact with one another without any friction. Among the Muslims also there are various sects who have differences in interpretation but still all are considered to be Muslims and as such should be given that privilege to worship as they see fit. No one has the right to say so and so are not Muslims. Religion is a matter between man and his Maker.

When we come together as Gambians who share the same land we call Motherland, there shouldn’t be any discrimination. We are all Gambians. Everyone has a right and that right has to be protected by Government. The first duty of any government is the secure the safety and protection of its citizens. In order to do that government must ensure ththe law does not discriminate or marginalize anyone.

The important thing here is that we are all Gambians. No one is more important than the other. Not even you, Mr President, are more Gambian than the person who claims to be Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Traditional Religion follower, or the different sects of Islam like Ahmadiyya, Tijanniyya, Murid, Salafi, Wahabi or even pagans.

When it comes to service to the nation, all these different people come together to work for the betterment of our dear Motherland. So, why won’t they be granted the rights and privileges they deserve? If government does not take a firm stance, there is a possibility of some people ferment religious violence in this country. That we cannot afford at this time of our growth.

Mr President… Ensure the equal treatment of the people of this country regardless of tribe, race, religion or whatever.

Have a Good Day Mr President….

Tha Scribbler Bah
A Sovereign Citizen

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