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Farmers’ president warns against ‘issuance of “national documents to non-citizens”

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By Amadou M Jadama

Sambou Dampha, the president of Farmers Platform of North Bank Region and a native of Baddibou Jajary, has told The Gambia Immigration Department and the IEC to “stop issuing national identity cards and voters cards to foreigners.”

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Mr Sambou alleged this has been happening for “quite some time,” demanding a stop to it.
He told The Standard: “Issuing national identity cards and voters cards to foreigners is an infringement of the constitution of The Gambia.”

He also called for the forfeiting of these documents that have already been issued to non-Gambians.
“A citizenship is acquired decently and not through bribery and corruption,” he added.
“I am calling on The Gambia Immigration Officers and IEC to stop issuing our national identity cards and voters cards.”

Mr Dampha also questioned Agriculture minister Omar Jallow, on why farmers still do not have access to sell their groundnuts.
“Most of the farmers’ groundnuts are now undergoing insects attack [sic].

“When there is no money one can understand that, but the president has announced that the money was there. Then what is holding him [sic] for not buying our groundnuts?” he asked.
“A Minister who cannot buy farmers’ groundnuts, how can that minister provide farming inputs for the farmers?” President Dampha stressed.

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