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Father seeks help for 8-year-old son

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Eight-year-old Omar Jallow of Bakau was playing with his friends when a slab of concrete fell on his right foot and cut off all of his five toes.

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“It happened while I was at work,” the visibly sad-looking father told The Standard. “I got a call that my son hurt himself. I came home running and found a large crowd. People were shouting and screaming. One lady shouted out ‘its Alpha’s son, oh my God it’s Alpha’s son’.”

Mr Jallow explained further: “We took him to Serekunda hospital. Later on in the day we were referred to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul. He is still there at the hospital, recovering.

“The doctors said he’s getting better but I do not think it is healing fast. I asked if there was any way that the damaged foot can be fixed back but the doctors said that is not possible. The doctor decided to amputate him.

“I will be relieved when I have help for him to travel overseas and receive proper medical treatment. If this is possible here, I will take it. My only concern is for the well-being of my boy. I was told he needs to get some skin therapy to cover his feet.”

Anybody willing and ready to support the 8-year-old boy could reach the father on: (+220) 7023589 or 2393009. 


By Alagie Manneh


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