Fishing boats to register or risk…


This was disclosed by Dr Bamba AM Banja, permanent secretary, Ministry of Fisheries during a press conference held Thursday at his offices in Banjul. He explained: “The country code for The Gambia is going to be 100, to be followed by the name of port, number in the register and then the registration number.  From there, a card would be issued to the individual certifying that you have paid. The rationale behind the registration of commercial fishing boats is to regulate the fisheries sector and fight against illegal, unreported, unregulated fishing and to enhance traceability of fisheries products”, he said.

According to him, motorised fishing canoes would pay D750 per annum; D500 for unmotorised fishing canoes, while any other type of canoe would pay D300 per annum.

Dr Banja further stated that his ministry, together with the relevant stakeholders would visit all the 156 landing sites in the country in order to ensure universal compliance in the fishing sector.   


“The Ministry of Fisheries will also launch a new project called Monitoring the Environment and Security in Africa (MESA), come 18 December 2014 all geared towards policing fish and fisheries products of the country against illegal activities,” he added. 

Meanwhile, according to the Fisheries Regulations of 2008, a commercial fishing canoe shall not be registered in the Register of Commercial Fishing Canoes unless the director is satisfied that – the owner or the master of the canoe has not been convicted within the last five years of an offence under the Act or its regulations, governing navigation, customs, immigration, fiscal measures, health, narcotics or firearms.