Frankie and friends raise money for pageant to support Gambian education


They have already been able to buy some goodies (hoops, jumping sacks, bean bags, eggs-and-spoons, hoppy racers, soft balls and team bands) for sports events at several Gambian schools.

Frankie, Rachel, Ellie and Caroline will be going to The Gambia as part of the Pageant group in April. They will be visiting some schools they visited previously, and also, for the first time, a little nursery in Banjul – the Unity Nursery and Daycare Centre. 

The founder of the organisation, Pippa Howard, said of the endeavour by the girls to support the education of children in The Gambia: “The Pageant Runners did themselves proud today and were worthy of the tremendous support they  have received from family and friends.  Sadly, Alice had injured herself in training, but the other seven members of the team arrived in good time, raring to go.  Alice had nobly come along to watch and support, as had several other friends and family members.  Mercifully, the overnight rain had cleared away and it was bright, if rather chilly.  Thank you all so much, team, for all the training and effort you have put into this, and thank you, too, to all your wonderful supporters.  The Gambian schools and families that you will be able to help with the amazing amount you have raised will be, as they would say themselves, highly grateful.


“We are looking forward to our Gambian trip in April, when Frances, Caroline, Rachel and Ellie will be coming out to give sports, maths and art sessions and materials to several schools – I wish that all members of the team could be coming… next time, maybe.”