By Omar Bah

Momodou Alieu Bah, who claims to be appointed by former President Jammeh as the new leader of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction, has said that if APRC dies, “it is Fabakary Tombong Jatta who would kill the party.”

Reacting to FTJ’s claims that he (MA Bah) wanted to stage a coup against his committee, Bah said he expected better judgment from the former majority leader.
“I would have expected him to be more mature than all of us and handle this situation maturely. I am willing to sit with him and discuss…But he is blowing things out of proportion… Imagine Tombong Jatta going to the media and calling me all sort of names,” he told Fatu Network.


“When did Fabakary Tombong Jatta know me?” he questioned. “I want to advise him to stop insulting me in the media…This is an internal issue. Let us settle it internally,” he added.
He said FTJ is just trying to make a problem out of nothing. “He was appointed by Jammeh as interim leader to oversee the party…And the same Jammeh called us in a video conference in the presence of all the interim committee to inform us that he had dissolved the FTJ-led committee.
“At the same time informed us that he has appointed me as the party’s interim leader. He also officially called FTJ on the spot to inform him about the development and nobody complained about the decision,” Mr Bah added.

Bah said to his surprise, he was informed again that Jammeh called FTJ at Rambo Jatta’s home to inform them that he has reversed his decision.
“How do you expect me to believe that?” he quizzed. “There is no reason to why we cannot come together…The fact is we should stop being hypocrites. When Jammeh called to appoint me we were all there… FTJ is too old, I do not want to be pushing and pulling with him…Everything you see has a limit; let him respect himself… If he has anything to address let him address it with Jammeh.”

Asked whether he wants to use the APRC leadership as escape route as TRRC nears, Mr Bah responded: “You see Fatou, I am even cleaner than you…Despite what they have said against MA Bah, including you Fatou Camara, I am still here.”
He also confirmed that the APRC executive members, including himself, paid a courtesy call on President Barrow but he would not say what they discussed.