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Gambia to produce sugar locally

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By Madi S Njie

Omar A Jallow, alias OJ, The Gambia’s Agriculture Minister recently instructed field staff at Jahally Pacharr Project site in the Central River Region to allocate more land for sugar production in the country
Like the case is in Senegal, he said The Gambia can produce sugar locally to serve the local market if the sugar cane production going on at the Pacharr Project site is allocated enough land.

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He therefore instructed project field staff to liaise with relevant local authorities to look into expanding ongoing sugar cane production for such purposes.
The Agriculture Minister was speaking during tour of agricultural sectors and project sites, which started from Banjul, KMC, NBR, CRR, URR to LRR.

The field staff stated that they have been growing limited sugar cane at the site, and wish to expand but challenged with land. However, with the new Agriculture Minister’s instruction, it is hoped that The Gambia will in the near future produce sugar for local consumption, and hopefully for exports.
There is huge land area at Jahally Pacharr but only partly cultivated. Many are with the belief that Jahally Pacharr produce alone can feed the entire Gambia if properly utilised.

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