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‘Gambia-Senegal relations phenomenal, beyond friendship’

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Maitre El Hadj Diouf who is now Member of Parliament in Senegal and an international lawyer was in the country at the invitation of the President.

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He told journalists at Ocean Bay Red Croc Hotel in Bakau on Friday: “I have realised the intention of the President. The objective is for us to be members of a team and group of individuals including the President, to draw up issues and come-up with methods and means in bringing these two states of one people more and more closer; The Gambia and Senegal in order to achieve our defined goals and objectives. We are going to be part of a team to look into these affairs to make relations much more cordial.

“Back in history, The Gambia and Senegal are one geographically. So there can never be any distinction between these two states. Gambians and Senegalese need to consider few things… from the Gambian side President Jammeh has taken great steps in trying to promote relations between us. One of the examples is the award of the [Senegalo-Gambia] secretariat building to the people of Senegambia to occupy as an office, to execute their mandates and responsibilities of taking care of our people equally.”

Diouf said the mutually-beneficial bilateral relations between The Gambia and Senegal which have increased tremendously in the last few years will be further enhanced in coming years.

He added: “During the State Opening of the National Assembly, deputies from Senegal were invited and these are all geared towards the integration of these two countries. We should not in any way or in any form relent on our effort in making sure we stay together for posterity. We can never be separated. We are the first people to be together before we could build any relationship outside of our regions. In order words, before The Gambia should send an ambassador to any country, they should send it to Senegal. Before The Gambia invites someone or country to its festival, they should invite Senegal. The same similar situation should be in Senegal.

“The peace and security and the love we nurture between these two countries should not in any form be recklessly attended to. The Gambia and Senegal have a glory to live and history to tell, and that must remain there for posterity.”

On trade and security, Diouf stated that initiatives were underway in improving conditions for increased trade between both countries. He said The Gambia and Senegal have gone beyond the point of having trade difficulties. He said in the Ecowas protocols trade barriers do not exist, stressing that people and goods should move freely in the Ecowas countries.  


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