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Gambian arrested in Italy for abusing family

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Following an emergency call, the staff of the Commissariat of Formia in Italy over weekend intervened at the home of a citizen of the Gambia, a 34-year-old called K.S. with criminal records who was said to be in deep altercation with his spouse.

On arrival, the agents also found his partner and her daughter, about one year old, as well as another daughter of hers from a previous marriage, aged 15.
Even in the presence of the agents, according to the report, the man showed a heated aggression towards family members, in particular towards his partner and fifteen-year-old daughter, who seemed very intimidated.

In fact, the agents ascertained that even before their arrival, the man had attempted to attack his partner and that only the intervention of his friend averted the worst; in addition to the fact that already on March 9, 2020, the woman had filed a complaint against her partner at the Formia State Police Station, for ill-treatment and injury.

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While the agents investigated the woman’s statements, the man began to destroy some of the household furnishings and then launched himself against the agents, forcing them to accompany the man in the Commissariat’s offices.

Following what has been ascertained, the man was arrested for crimes of family mistreatment and resistance to Public Official and, for this reason, detained in the security chambers of the Commissariat awaiting translation at the Cassino District House.

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