Gambian killed in Libya


A Gambian source who craved anonymity revealed: “He was killed while trying to flee after his connection house, from which he was about to launch his Italy journey, came under attack. He was from Sere Kunda.”

Libya has been in a state of instability since the toppling of Muammar Gadhafi in 2011 during the Arab Spring.

Alfusaine Sinara, a Gambian migrant from Basse, Upper River Region, was last year murdered by armed robbers when they attacked their residential neighbourhood in Tripoli.


According to reports, Mr Sinara had been stranded in Libya for some time in his bid to cross by the Mediterranean sea to Europe. He has been working and living in the troubled country in order to pay for the continuation of his journey to mainland Europe. However, his dream to reach the “Promised land” was cut short when their residence in Ghadames, Libya, became the scene of an armed robbery.

“Mr. Sinara was killed when armed men came to attack our neighbourhood on Saturday, 12:00 midnight in Ghadames, Libya.The police promised to give us the body … for perfect burial. Alfusainey was shot on his head and stomach while trying to close the door from the attackers who terrorised their neighborhood in the middle of Saturday night”, Bakary Jammeh, Alfusainey’s roommate from Illiasa, Badibu, and former resident of Bundung Borehole told The Standard.