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The Atlanta-based Wsbtv reported the story as follows: “Police are working to track down a killer who ambushed a father minutes after he arrived home from a store he owned. Hardy Touray, 45, was the owner of 2 Rays Mart, a convenience store on Stonewall Tell and Butner roads in College Park. Fulton County police say someone shot the father of two in the driveway of his home on Hilltop Way just before midnight Wednesday. They still don’t have a motive in the shooting.

“Channel 2’s Tom Jones spent hours tracking developments in the investigation. He’s spoken to several people and all of them said they don’t know of Hardy having problems with anyone.  One customer described him as a person who’d give the shirt off his back. 

“He was very caring. He would come fill your tank for you if you’re buying gas. He was very nice,” the customer said.

Jones also spoke to the victim’s brother, Hassan Touray, who says his brother was very concerned about his safety because his home had been broken into a few times. He believes robbery was the motive in his brother’s death.

“It’s got to be the work of somebody who knows him at the gas station here; knowing that he owns a gas station and following him, thinking he’s got money at home,” said Hassan Touray.

He says his brother never kept money at home. In a tearful plea for help, Hassan Touray asked anyone with information to come forward and call police. “Please. Anybody that know who is behind this come forward. Hardy (didn’t) have a problem with anybody,” Hassan Touray said.”

Hardy Touray better as ‘Drammeh’ was born in Sierra Leone and grew up in the Half-Die quarter of Banjul, the son of businessman Alhaji Chondi Touray. He had been resident in the United States since 1990. His sister, Fanta Touray, told The Standard over the weekend: “We received this sad news on Wednesday evening that our brother was ambushed and shot by an unknown gunman in Atlanta after he closed from work. Hardy has been a very good friend, brother and mentor to all of us, his siblings, Hardy was killed in a brutal way. He just parked his car then looked at his back twice and when he turned for the third time he was shot and as he screamed for help the gunman disappeared. There is no way I can forget such a day in my life and this is a great loss to the Touray family.“ 

Aisha Conteh, a relative resident in New York, said: “We are all mourning because Hardy is a good, hard-working and pious Muslim. He always wished for us what he wished for himself. It is such a tragedy that we have lost him early but he will always remain in our memories because of the love he had shown to everyone at home and abroad. As of now we cannot tell who the gunman is because they shot then left and that was the same spot he lost his life.”  Family sources said plans are being made to repatriate his remains from the states for interment in The Gambia. 


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