Gambian wins gold medal for top prize from Indian university


He is one of the students who were part of the Pan African E-network Projects, an African Union – India distance learning programme to assist Africa in capacity building by way of imparting quality education to students in various disciplines from some of the best universities in India. More than 40 African universities from Madagascar to Niger, including the University of the Gambia, UTG, registered with this distance learning programme.

In his gold medal citation, Amity University described Mr Jobe as: “a bright student whose thrust and thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. ‘Determination, ambition, zeal, motivation, perseverance and discipline are just some of the qualities representative of the student with the highest cumulative grade point average. With sustained efforts the student has earned the respect of his contemporaries and raised the bar for every future students.” 

Asked for comments on his award, Mr Jobe said he was not surprised because he never stopped working for academic excellence in his quest for the golden fleece. He said he has been studying French for the past quarter-of-a-century, taking him to England, Algeria, Senegal and France. 


Speaking at a recent convocation ceremony beamed on the Internet live from India and monitored at UTG’s MDI campus recently, the UTG vice chancellor and his deputy congratulated the graduates and paid tribute  to President Jammeh and the Gambia government for building the UTG, which enabled Gambians to benefit from the Amity University E-network project. “It is gratifying and most pleasing to celebrate a great academic achievement right in your own country instead of traveling the long distances and spending a lot of money. What is more, your degrees and diplomas are well-earned and respected as others, if not more and you have not moved an inch from your work, your family ” an excited VC Kah told the graduands. He said the objective of the UTG is to provide an opportunity to Gambians of whatever age to take the initiative to epitomise themselves and realise their dreams in education.


Author: Lamin Cham