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Gambian youths please give peace another chance, where do we go if?

Momodou Camara (Acca)

Good morning comrades! It has been foretold in history and also modern historians and men of scribe said ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely while the devil still circumvent men with tricks and tales marching their egos to the dens of hell and in the process plunge society into chaos and anarchy’.

Lo and behold, do not succumb to these Gambian children! Everything you wish for and everything thing that you ever want to get and all your dreams and aspirations can ………ONLY BE GOTTEN IN PEACE AND TRANQUALITY……! Let no one and I REPEAT DO NOT BE GUINEA PIGS EXPERIMENTS FOR ANY POWER HUNGRY PERSON, POLITICIAN OR SWAY! ‘Gambia Over All Things’! Stand tall and be counted that when Gambia was at a crossroad you contributed to keeping the peace and saved the country for generations yet to be born and our children! We all have heard about this and many more warnings and wisdom quotes but when the heart of man is bent on power struggles and joggling for positions with the sole ambition to reach the summit of State House/Presidency, nothing can make them see sense or hear wise words of the gods.

Ghaddafi had the chance to flee and save his children but power obstructed him and the rest is history; Jammeh had the chance to leave in peace and he did albeit lately and caused unwarranted occupation of our country by ECOMIG with its mammoth overheads.

Paradise Island-The Gambia deserved better but failed to get a better.

Do not usurp the tenets
of corporate governance
I ask all those in power and positions of trust to avoid mixing politics and the rule of law and in the process dent the tenets of corporate governance. Gambians be careful and remember this is not the end to commissions and probing into the dealings of past administrators and administrations.

We have also seen the awarding of millions in US Dollar contracts without due process and due diligence and following of laid down policies as per tender and bidding, the GPPA!.

We are also witnessing the entrance of insults, personal attacks, the hurling of bad mouthed tirades and the castigation of each other’s humble beginnings into our arena of politics.

We are also witnessing the unguarded expenses on fat cat salaries and other pickings to commissioners and their five star treatments at hotels by the uncountable COMMISSIONS.

The extension and expansion of their roles and mandates is equally worrying to many Gambians.

We have also seen the cost of living and especially rent going out of control and reach of the average Gambian.

We have also seen the uncomfortable silence of the Head of State in many issues that demand his voice and visibility.

There can only be one President at any one point in time and there is one and his presences is not amply felt and most of the time the ‘doogo-doogo’ praise singers we hear holding brief for him.

These are dangerous people and be around our President is cause for concern. They had sang for Jawara, danced at Kanilai for Jammeh and were informants to Juwara and they still around active, rich and connected to the detriment of every seating President and the masses.


The President and his men must be watchful and vigilant. They should put safeguards in place to guard against the enablers forming, framing and designing a prototype government within the government if this country is to move forward?

All political actors and parties have
all to lose in mayhem and stampede
Jammeh and his men and enablers should give us a break and take a back seat and watch the new match from the stands.

They have dominated the political and economic terrain of the country for over a score and we have seen what they are capable of? Back to business, I am of the opinion that all the present actors in our political arena will individually and collectively lose grounds and credibility if they watch and allow this country to slip into chaos by way of 3 years Jotna agitators.

I will engage all youths irrespective of their political affiliations to think our mothers and children and our futures in an ensuing blame game. Do not be drawn to the streets in the name of promised jobs or contracts.

Just look at the people who matched and got arrested alongside Solo Sendeng and asked yourself what is their fate today, apart from the few fat cats who drank all the milk?

Government jobs are not
‘TEKI DOT.COM’ avenues
If you want a job, go and get a qualification, a trade or invest in a product or fantasy! Dream on and dreamers do make fanciful ventures and products! Government jobs are not ‘TEKI DOT.COM’ avenues.

Do not take Government jobs for self enrichment.

Do not steal public funds as it will destroy you here and in the hereafter! Please do not let them fool you! Do not let them use you! Do not let them burn the country in your name! Please do not take unto the streets for no conclusive agendas and after all we are all actors and someday soon we will leave the stage for others to carry on the baton of nation building.

Youths of The Gambia, my brothers and sisters do not dwell upon stupid adventures to please others. The Mansas/Burs and British colonial masters never bunt this country.

Our grandfather never burnt this country and so too our fathers before us and why should we do it? There is no need! Three years versus five years it does not really matter in timeline projections.

We are almost at 2021. Please give peace a chance and wait for the right time and elect the President of your choice among the list of interested contestants.

Three years is the same as five year. Please give peace yet another chance.

The Constitution said five and the agreement said three.

They are all right depending from what angle you seeing it.

The people canvassing for occupy this and that are playing with fire and let them burn themselves and not you.

All those recruiting people have dual or multiple citizenships, they have worked all their lives and gotten fat savings and wealth and the rest of it and do not let them, use you.

You are beginners and better days and things are yet to come for you! I am talking to the youths.

All those elderly men and women who want to put this country on fire are wrong as they have worked all their lives and what have they done for The Gambia? We are all living witnesses that our elder state men and politicians since independence have done very little development for our country.

Look at the civil service, look at the hospitals, look at the transportation, look at agriculture and look at our youths.

Everything in The Gambia is below world standard and why should we praise our senior citizens? There is no cause for celebration but reflection! Do not burn or loot anything, better days are coming soon! They have not given us a developed country nor have they added value to what the colonial masters left here. Gambian youths beware and stand up to be counted and remember it is your time.

Let no old or retired person usher you to the streets. You have a future to build and a country to treasure, do not burn, loot or break any laws in the quest to satisfy any power hungry person. This country belongs to you.

You are the youths and the future is all yours! Let no one spoil that for you and the elders should only serve as advisers.

The old must be relegated and they must relinquish power and their failed ambitions to the youths.

You cannot eat your cake and have it! They all stood by the sidelines while Jammeh hijacked the best days of their lives and we cannot go back and try to eat the ration meant for the generations of today.

Now look where we are and it has landed squarely before the youths to build a house, put food on the table, buy a car, etc. My father and your uncle spent all their time enabling a dictator and dictatorship.

They have awakened up from the wilderness and trying to stage a coup of your conscience and time.

It does not make any meaning and the youths must resist being backbenchers in New Gambia any longer. However, whatever we do, we must keep the peace and follow due process and respect the laws of the land.

Do not burn or loot, better
must come, better days are ahead
The burden of the youths could have been easier if only senior citizens did tangible works of building a good and habitable country.

Look at the Herculean task before very Gambian youth! Do not take to the streets and do not burn the country into ashes.

It our time and we are the youths and we must refused to be recruited for subversive and disruptive missions.

“BETTER MUST COME, BETTER DAYS ARE AHEAD AND BETTER BE PATIENT WHILE TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS’ Not in our name and not for any promise or cajoling by any politicians and their evil intentions should we take to the streets.

Gambia for all, justice for all and all children are equal under the sun. We contribute to a better and stable Gambia and the President must observe Seven (7), thus: One (1), we would encourage the President to be frequently speaking to Gambians, in a weekly or monthly ‘BROADCAST TO THE NATION’.

Two (2), rid your government of the corrupt and the unwilling lieutenants at wheel in key Government institutions! Three (3), do not promote the evil culture of ‘DOGO-DOOGOOISM’ in your inner circle and ranks and be mindful of the retired job seekers! Four (4), be wary of pseudo technocrats with their fake certificates! Five (5), unite the country and speak the language of the lay man! Six (6), maintain ECOMIG at all cost as we are very fragile in security terms! Seven (7), try hard and work overtime to elevate the farmers by buying their harvests at subsidized world market prices and consolidate the gains and good things done by Jammeh and Jawara!
Finally, think about this: ‘How about retiring all those at the level of Director General and its equivalent and above as at the cut-off time of defeating Jammeh at the pools, 4th.

December, 2016. That will kick start the First Phase of building a new democracy and a new system.

Most of those key people are as culpable as Jammeh in all that happened to The Gambia be it financial, governance or administration.

This is the dawn of a new era and it should be justice for all and not injustice to Jammeh and the enablers to left to have a good time, chill and get recycled once again as if nothing really happened?’

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