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Gambians split over consul in Abidjan

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By Omar Bah

The Central Committee of Gambians living in Ivory Coast have countered reports that Gambians in the former French colony have endorsed Dembo Fatty as consul.
Some members of Gambian community in Ivory Coast recently wrote a letter to the Gambian leader informing him of their wish for one Dembo Fatty, a protocol to the late Gambian Honorary consul, Alhagie Ismaila Sibi to be retained as consul.
Meanwhile, another section of the Gambian community in Ivory Coast has countered that suggestion.

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In their letter shared with The Standard, the Committee countered: “We wish to express on behalf of The Gambia Central Committee in Cote D’Ivoire our concern about information that is making rounds that Dembo Fatty (President of the committee) has been appointed Consul General of The Gambia”.

“As a body entrusted with the responsibility by the Gambian community to look after the wellbeing and welfare among other issues of Gambians, we felt if this information claiming the appointment of Mr Fatty is found to be correct, it would not only bring division and lack of trust between us but may also lead to some serious unforeseen outcomes,” the letter reads.

The letter further reads: “It could be recalled that the late Consul General of The Gambia in Ivory Coast, Ismaila Sibi passed away on the 23rd August 2019 after three decades of distinguish services for his country; and hence a need for replacement for the vacant post. Following the demise of the Consul General, Mr Fatty immediately started his campaign for the position by illegally declaring himself Consul General to Gambians even before the late Consul was laid to rest. We as an association of Gambians resident in Ivory Coast felt that such actions were not only untimely and inhumane but equally lack decency and falls short of our moral standards”.

“We also understand that Mr Fatty recently flew a member of his team to Freetown in an effort to present his case to the Gambian Ambassador in Sierra Leone, Ebraima Manneh and upon his return to Abidjan, he claimed that he was appointed by Ambassador Manneh as Consul. The ambassador can recommend for appointment but this can only happen after conducting an impartial finding about the candidate’s competence and eligibility”.
The central committee strongly recommended that Musa Sibi be appointed as Consul General because “we know him of good qualities and had served as secretary general at the Consulate and held several positions including the post of Vice Consul.”

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