Gambians wept over the unacceptable State House attack


They vowed never to forgive the attackers and those behind the individuals that launched an armed attack on State House on the night of December 30, 2014. It brought nothing but distress and fear in the country. We cherish peace! Gambians were displeased because on that day their activities were disrupted. This forced one to ask what the attackers wish for the country.

The country invested so heavily in these people; starting from their infant stages; care by the society; provision of better education, among other things. Unfortunately, the only things they brought back to the country were mayhem and fear, which we shun. If they are interested in occupying political office, let them come and participate through democratic means.

It is the responsibility of everyone to consolidate the peace and stability that prevails in this country. Violence is something that does not stop at people that instigated it, but affects those that have no stake in it. The country and her people cannot accommodate violence which brings about underdevelopment.


Disappointment and anger motivated the behaviour of these so-called educated men. We blame their action on misinformation about the realities in The Gambia. The majority of Gambians identify and sympathise with President Jammeh and his policies. That is the reality. In the first place, it is indeed wrong for them to take up arms against the state which they are part of. Their actions against an elected government, does not in any way serve the collective interest of Gambians.

This is a government elected by Gambians, and if there should be any decision made on the government, it should be Gambian people and through democratic means. There is no cause to take up arms against the Gambian government when the present government is meeting the expectations of Gambians whose vote brought it to power.

There is no situation where armed struggle or violence could be justified. And violence will not in any way change the status quo. If there is any need, Gambians generally prefer political change in a peaceful manner. To serve Gambians, you should understand the society to be able to effectively do so.


Saikou Ceesay

Managing editor, Gambia affairs.


Tribute to Honourable Daffeh of Kiang Central


Dear editor,


Please kindly permit me to commiserate on behalf of UDP executive, people of kiang and on my own humble behalf on the irreparable loss of Hon Banding Daffeh, former parliamentarian for Kiang Central constituency. I was shell-shocked upon hearing the untimely demise of Hon Daffeh via a bosom friend of mine on Saturday, third January, 2015.

Please allow me to describe the fallen hero in a nutshell because no amount of space would be adequate for his admirable traits. Hon Daffeh lived for the masses and died for the masses as a result of his selfless services to advance the cause of humanity. Hon Daffeh was a perfect gentleman of the finest African tradition, a gentleman from soul to crown, a gentleman par excellence, a gentleman by any stretch of the human imagination and a gentleman who was always at the beck and call of his people. Are these descriptions not an understatement compared to his impeccable and unassailable character? The answer is in the affirmative. 

That faithful Saturday was undoubtedly characterised by dolour but in the same breath full of comfort for all the eulogies that were loaded with positive connotations in favour of the deceased. I was among the group of people who graced his last journey on earth and heard people talking about a former member of the National Assembly who built a mosque for his people. What a nice way to depart this world.

May the soul of my avuncular friend, Hon Babading Daffeh, rest in perfect peace.


Sainey Touray

Former independent candidate for Jarra East constituency.