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Gambia’s 2 Covid-19 patients recovered, discharged

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By Omar Bah

Health Minister Ahmadou Samateh last night revealed that The Gambia’s first and third cases of Covid-19 have recovered and have been effectively discharged yesterday.
“The first and third Covid-19 cases are declared to have recovered from the decease as confirmed by the two consecutive negative tests and these individuals have been discharged from the hospitals,” Minister Samateh told journalists yesterday.
This means The Gambia has only one active case now, following the death of the second case.

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In an attempt to warn Gambians against any complacency, Samateh said: “We want to emphasise that this doesn’t give any room for complacency…We should still be as vigilant as possible. People recovering doesn’t mean that we should take the decease lightly because we know that the mortalities associated with the Covid-19 are increasing worldwide.

He said 65 low risk contacts were identified by the ministry’s tracer teams.
“This brings the contact trace number to 233 and a total of 102 tests,” he added.

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