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Gamcotrap urges gov’t to criminalise FGM

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In a press statement on International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM, the women’s rights NGO, said: “FGM is one of the most violent acts that is performed on girls and women, and since 1984, the advocacy to eliminate FGM in The Gambia has been progressing phenomenally. Circumcisers and their communities have been abandoning the practice and protecting their girl-children. The level of awareness is at its peak and the communities are aware of the effects of FGM on the sexual and reproductive health rights of women and girl-children. From 2007-2013, 128 circumcisers and 900 communities have abandoned the knife in different regions of The Gambia and this trend is escalating because of the advocacy work.

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“Gamcotrap urges the government of The Gambia to escalate the gains already made in the advocacy by enacting a specific law against FGM. This is a popular demand from the population who is aware of the negative effects of FGM on women’s health and well-being.  Therefore, the state, as the main duty bearer to the population, should take a lead in fulfilling its commitment and obligation to women and girls. The Gambia has committed itself to protecting women and girls from FGM, has signed, and ratified the relevant instruments and protocols to end FGM, yet there is still no specific law to protect the innocent girls from this gruesome practice.”


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