Gampetroleum says there’s enough petrol, gas and gasoline


Speaking to The Standard yesterday afternoon, Mr  Waidat of Gampetroleum Company emphasised: “There is enough fuel in stock in the country. There is no shortage of fuel here.” 

However, earlier in the day, The Standard contacted a number of fuel retailers about the seeming shortage of petrol at some pump stations in the country.  A senior manager at Elton Oil Gambia ltd told The Standard although their managing director is out of town, answers to the questions we are asking could be found at Gampetroleum Company. “They are the sole suppliers of fuel to all fuel stations in the country,” said the man before politely refusing an interview from this reporter.

The manager of the Gampetroleum depot at the coastal village of Mandinari, Kombo North, also confirmed that there is no fuel shortage in the country. “We import and distribute fuel to petrol stations after the station (company) orders it from our head office. And I can tell you this: there is enough petrol, gas and gasoline in stock currently,” he said.


Meanwhile, queues have started forming at petrol stations across Greater Banjul Area as fuel shortage speculations grow over the past forty eight hours.

“I went to an Elton station to buy petrol but they claim there is none. I went to Galp station where I wanted to buy D1,000. The pump attendant lady said she cannot sell that quantity because there is shortage of petrol in town. It took some convincing before she will agree to sell me D1,000 worth of petrol, after she initially sold me only D500,” said Lamin fatty, a car owner in Bakau.

Author: Sanna Camara