GDC debunks Foday Camara


Press release

The GDC wishes to clarify that Foday Camara, former GDC Parliamentary candidate in Wuli West Constituency who was reported to have resigned is not an executive member and does not hold any position in the GDC party.
Mr. Camara has not submitted any resignation letter to the party and is not required to do so as he holds no position in the party. He was just an ordinary member and was not a bigwig of the party in anyway. He contested for the Wuli West seat in the 2017 Parliamentary Election and could not secure more than 20 votes in the whole Constituency.
Therefore the GDC wishes to inform the general public that non executive members of the party are not required to write any resignation letter when they decide to leave the party. They have they the right to declare their departure from the party in any forum or platform and have the right to choose a party of their choice.


In this case, it is wrong for Foday Camara to say that he resigns from the party, pretending as if he has submitted an official letter. We therefore urged him to rectify his statement by saying he has now switched allegiance to President Barrow.
Finally, we deny his allegations of lack of transparency in the party and we further challenge him to proof it if there is any. Members of the party are informed of all what transpires within the party at all times.

MC Cham Jnr
National Youth Mobiliser