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‘Barrow will go for 5 years’

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Foday Gassama

By Amadou M Jadama

The United Democratic Party regional coordinator for West Coast Region Foday Gassama, has said President Barrow is going to serve for 5years.
Speaking to The Standard over the weekend, Gassama said: “I cannot understand why those Coalition leaders talking about 3 years should not respect the constitution of The Gambia. The Gambian people elected President Barrow for 5years and not 3years. So their agreement on 3 years is a joke. “What the Coalition made was a gentleman’s agreement and The Gambia is bigger than any of them,” he said.
Gassama said the coalition leaders should join President Adama Barrow for the development of the country rather than focusing on the 3 years because the new government was established by all of them.

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