TRRC to be launched on October 15


Dr Baba Jallow

By Baba Galleh Jallow

At long last, a tentative date for the launching of the TRRC has been set. It is expected to be on October 15. Following the end of the calls for nominations in the Greater Banjul Area and the Diaspora and the regional selection process, 11 names have been identified for final appointment as Commissioners of the TRRC. The names were submitted for vetting by the Technical Committee on Transitional Justice on the morning of Tuesday, August 14. Having passed this stage, the names will soon be published in the media with a call for public objections to any person on the list. Guidelines for the submission of objections will be included in the announcement. Once this process is over, the names will be submitted to the President for appointment after consultations with key civil society organizations as per the provisions of Section 5 (10 of the TRRC. The date set for the launching of the TRRC is October 15, 2018. The launching ceremony is expected to take place at the headquarters of the TRRC at Dunes Resort, behind Palma Rima, where renovation works are well underway. It is expected that the main hall and other areas of the headquarters if not all renovation works will be completed before the launch date. Efforts are underway to place signposts at strategic approaches to Dunes as well as place TRRC billboards in