German NGO donates to Marakissa


By Saidou Baldeh

The small yet determined group of volunteers and activists of Kindergarten Mulheim Ruhr have managed to distribute close to three hundred bags of rice and litres of oil to Marakissa village, much to the appreciation of residents.

The latest donation from the German-based NGO operating a nursery school in Marakissa is 100 bags of rice as a Christmas gift.


The non-profit making charity organization has during the period of covid-19 distributed nearly four hundred bags of rice and oil to the villagers of the Marakissa in the Kombo Central, West Coast Region.

The coordinator of the nursery who also supervises the distribution, Muhammed Sarr, expressed gratitude to the founders and all those who support the NGO in its humanitarian gestures.

Sarr said the nursery school was built by the NGO little over 22-years-ago and since then they have been supportive not only to the school but the villagers of Marakissa in general.

He said the NGO is proud of helping the village because the community understood very well what they wanted.

“This is the fourth time this year they are sponsoring the community with rice and oil. They have distributed about 300 bags of rice and gallons of oil to mainly parents who have their kids in the school and the vulnerable. The donation is meant to support families during the covid-19,” he said.

Sarr said the recently donated 100 bags are meant for Christmas gifts.

He assured the donors that the donated food stuff will go to the right hands.

“I would like to thank them on behalf of the community of Marakissa. I want them to be assured that we will continue doing what is right in the interest of the village and the school,” he added.

He said those who were yet to benefit from the donation would be reached out in the next consignment. 

A happy looking village Alkali, Saddibou Colley, expressed delight at the Kindergarten Mulheim Ruhr foundation.

He said the donation will go a long way towards addressing the feeding challenges of many vulnerable families who have suffered economically during the pandemic.

Colley said the donation was given to the most vulnerable in the village.

“I also thank the government for creating the enabling environment for all of us,” he said.

He urged the people of Marakissa, especially the young people to unite and speak with one voice.

Mariatou Jarju, a beneficiary said the donation could not have come at a better time.

“We are really happy. We want to thank the donors for the support. We want to tell them that the rice will go a long way in uplifting our livelihood,” she said with a smile.