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Ghanaian lady with diplomatic passport busted with 12.5kg Cocaine

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Ruby Adu Gyamfi, popularly known as ‘Angel’, who is said to be very popular among Ghana’s current political establishment, was busted after a tip-off to the Metropolitan police and Scotland Yard, alerted the British security agencies of her latest mission to Europe.

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Determined to crash her operation, the British security according to our sources ignored the usual courtesies accorded holders of diplomatic passports and quickly tracked her down at Heathrow, isolating her and conducting a thorough search on her body, which yielded nothing.

However, not to be undone by the preliminary search, the British Security which classified the operation as an “AA” (top priority) operation, focused on the hand luggage of Ruby which revealed her brazen act and exposed as much as 12.5kg of cocaine which had successfully escaped any scrutiny by officials at the Kotoka International Airport even though they were not seriously concealed.

A top global expert in the narcotic trade, who happens to be Ghanaian and who spoke to the West African Online, noted that he was not surprised that Ruby had been given the all-clear status at the Kotoka International Airport since holders of Ghanaian diplomatic passports go through the nation’s only International Airport through the VVIP lounge and without any checks on their luggage and body, indicating that diplomatic passports are handed to top officials and major allies of governments precisely to avoid such processes.

The expert, who spoke to the West African Online on condition of anonymity, as he had been collaborating with major international security agencies on this particular case, disclosed that Ruby was highly connected in an intricate web with top officials in the Ghanaian government, adding that the level of political connection is perhaps exemplified by her brazen and successful act of couriering 12.5kg of cocaine in her hand luggage through the Kotoka International Airport and expecting to be given the all-clear at London’s Heathrow too.

The West African Online is informed that security officials and intelligence agencies across 23 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas had for the past three years been tracking Ruby Adu Gyamfi, who has managed in several instances to avoid arrest using various aliases such as Ruby Mahama and Ruby Asante, contacts and detours to get away.

Interestingly we are informed that the Ghanaian security agencies were totally kept out of the loop on the operation since the various intelligence agencies were clear in their minds that any tip-off of the Ghanaian establishment will immediately alert Ruby and her syndicate and make her arrest virtually impossible.

The arrest of Ruby Adu Gyamfi is said to trigger a major undercover investigation into the activities of numerous officials of the Ghanaian government including the presidency as various contacts and associates of Ruby in government have been well-documented in the three years the operation has lasted.

Source West Africa Online


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