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Gov’t must be clear about Jammeh’s assets – FTJ

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By Omar Bah

The interim leader of Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction has called on the Barrow administration to tell Gambians how they sold former president Yahya Jammeh’s assets.

“I want the government to be clear as how and to who they sold Jammeh’s assets because the information we are receiving is that Jammeh’s properties were sold within members of government, their families and close associates. We want to ask the Minister of Justice how much were those expensive vehicles sold for. We understand they were sold at cheap prices,” Fabakary Tombong Jatta said in an audio obtained by The Standard.

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FTJ also alleged that since the Janneh Commission submitted its report, properties of some of those affected by its recommendations were sold indiscriminately on the orders of the Justice Minister without due process.
“We believe in normal circumstances the government should have announced the sale of all Jammeh’s properties so that interested Gambians will have the opportunity to buy,” he noted.

The APRC leader said Minister Tambadou should understand that Gambians voted for Barrow and not him. “He cannot threaten the Gambian people. Tambadou, who should be the very person to advise President Barrow on legal matters, is not acting in due process especially with issues relating to APRC,” he alleged.

He said the APRC has no faith in the Justice Minister and added that the party has no problem with those who don’t want Jammeh to return to the country.
“Minister Tambadou was the very person who thanked Gambian soldiers for staging the must number of coups against Jammeh. These statements among many other actions of his demonstrate that he hates the APRC. As far as we are concerned, he is not qualified to serve as Justice Minister,” FTJ said.

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Jammeh’s return
FTJ said the demonstration to demand Jammeh’s return has clearly showed that many Gambians want their former leader back. He said those who are insisting Jammeh should not come back are free to demonstrate as well.

He said the critics should remember that president Adama Barrow was voted into office with simple majority because GDC and APRC together had more votes than Barrow.
“I want to call on the supporters of the ARPC to remain calm and understand that they are sons and daughters of this country. I want all of you to understand that it is your right to love whatever or whosoever you want to love without fear. No one can stop us from supporting what we want to support,” he added.

He reiterated that “no one can stop Jammeh from returning to the country. No government is perfect including the Barrow and Jawara administrations.”

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