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‘Granddaughter’ rape trial progresses


In cross-examination, the accused admitted making a statement at the police but told the judge that he denied the allegation of rape when he was cautioned.

“You were invited to the police and made a statement in response to the allegations made against you by the victim,” the prosecutor said. “Yes,” the accused said with a shocked expression. “But I told the police that the allegation that I raped her is false. It’s true I lived with her but I had never had carnal knowledge of her.”

The father of four is facing one count of rape at the High Court in Banjul.  It is alleged that the accused unlawfully had carnal knowledge of the victim (name withheld) without her consent in 2012. He has however pleaded not guilty to this charge.

The trial started in March 2014 and five witnesses have since testified as state witnesses: a police officer, a dentist, a nurse, the mother of the victim and the victim who was 13 at the time of the incident.

Replying to the prosecution, the accused said he did not have a previous encounter with the police before he was charged and taken to court.

When the prosecutor suggested to him that being a guardian to the victim, he was also familiar with her. The accused replied, “She was under me,” before going on to deny his subsequent suggestion that he had carnal knowledge with the victim.

Meanwhile, the defence lawyer AM Sissohor said they will present a witness tomorrow.


By Binta Bah


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