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Greater Banjul stages annual spelling debate

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By Aminata Camara

Greater Banjul Upper Basic School Wednesday holds its annual spellings debate competition between various schools in Bakau at the school grounds in Kanifing.
Speaking on the sidelines of the competition, Mr Omar Ndure, former principal of Greater Banjul said: “Education goes beyond the four corners of the class.

We are here to get the students and young ones together to showcase their talent. It’s an opportunity for the students to work hardly to achieve great success in life. We organised this forum to inspire students to come up and others who might have the talent and facilitate this for them to showcase what they can do.
He added: “The reason why we are organising the program is for the students to be part of peer health education clubs working with the students to build up their confidents in other words to extend their education outside the classroom.
He advised them to be obedient and do well at school: “My advice to the young people is to focus. They must know the talent that God has given them, and then uproot that talent and make sure it’s well utilised.
Abubacarr Samara, the coordinator of Peer Health Education Club, said: “The program is here to boost the capacity of the children.Every year annually, we conduct a quiz, and spelling competition for young ones. This time around we try to intensify things by inviting different schools to come together and build up their talents.”

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