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In the interest of all

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Dear editor,

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This was the thrust in the editorial, ‘A new country is born’ of the voice newspaper of February, 1st and 2nd 2017. The editorial highlighted what new Gambia needs to achieve The Gambia all patriotic Gambians desire. Indeed as mentioned in the first and second paragraphs of the editorial Gambians have so much pain and anger during the past 22 years of repression, injustice, poverty and other imaginable vices. But can we or must we continue to live with those pains and anger. No. As this will make us vain and bitter and will not lead to anything productive. I cannot agree more. What we need is to put the past behind us, forgive the past reconcile and work on the common objective of transforming The Gambia to our desired destination as suggested in the editorial.


I cannot agree more. Every Gambian should understand that promoting hate, division and fear among us besides being contrary to the spirit of our nation anthem ‘For The Gambia our Homeland’ are inimical to progress. Let us be Gambians that are ready to work hand in glove towards the common good as enshrined in our constitution.
Foroya Editorial 15- 6 -16, ‘The current mood in the Gambia’ made pertinent observations among which include:


1. There is need for every Gambian to take a fresh look at the country all are yearning to take ownership of. I cannot agree more.
2. The Executive has power to protect or to coerce. I am not comfortable with the word power. I prefer the word “Responsibility” because power belongs to the people, the champions of any political course or struggle.
3. The Christian community is threatened because the power that be has unconstitutionally illegally declared Gambia an Islamic State. What is their future? It is hanging on the balance. This was indeed undemocratic, unconstitutional because it violates the country’s supreme law and contravenes democratic principles and violates fundamental human rights. At least a referendum was needed for such a decision to be taken.


4. Gambians are looking for certainty instead of attacks and counter attacks among the citizenry, what is needed is unity of purpose. Awareness and organization are the tools of empowerment of a sovereign people. Keep a people ignorant and divided and you have donkeys to ride on. Indoor to stand tall and be counted, a citizenry must transform awareness into a material force capable of galvanizing progressive organized people capable of building a better society. A political historical undisputed fact. No impossible to achieve in the Gambia but is far fetch.


In ‘this and that’ of Friday 09 December, 2016 Ebrima Jallow published the article ‘one step on the mountain top’. Reminding Gambians that with December 2016 election over, political affiliation, and partisan sentiments are to be put aside and that Gambians are to come together to work in the interest of the country. He advised that the outcome of the December 2016 election should not divide us, for what binds us, is greater than that which we are so passionate about. I have no lota of doubt that all patriotic Gambians will agree with him on that.
Points to cherish and safeguard:


1. We are Gambians irrespective of ethnicity, tribe, religion and party affiliation.
2. Power corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
3. Leadership carries responsibility and not power.
4. Leadership comes and goes but Gambia remains.
5. The influence of the leader must be put to the benefit of the led and not the selfish personal enhancement of the leader.


6. Gambians have awakened from their slumber.
7. Never again will Gambians tolerate dictatorship, and a one – man government.
Finally let us all be united around ‘For the Gambia, Our homeland, We strive and work and pray, That all may live in unity, Freedom and peace each day”.
If 50% of Gambians live according to the spirit of for The Gambia, Gambia will become the envy of the world.

Salieu Ebun John

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