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City of Banjul
Saturday, January 16, 2021

Inferno ravages 0.5m dalasi merchandise shop

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A sorry-looking Basirou revealed: “I have invested my life-savings in the shop and only started operations April last year. Less than a year in the business, this is what I got. My buying price for the materials in my shop ranging from plumbing, electrical and building materials was over half a million dalasi. This is a great loss to me. I don’t know the cause of the fire. But it is believed to have come from the shop next door. I had already left my shop to go home when I got a call informing me that my shop was on fire. I rushed to the scene and the fire service men were there too, but could not stop the fire on time.”

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Johm said he wanted to inspire other young people in The Gambia that opportunities abound in sufficient proportions by engaging in a business that can earn him income. “The President always says that youths don’t want to work. It was from this statement I got my inspiration to bring about a change, but with this fire I see no light at the end of the tunnel.”

Johm solicits assistance from government, NGO’s, donor agencies and individuals to alleviate his plight.


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